Flow of a Typical Collaborative Case

Oct 03, 2015  By  Laurence M. Hamric, J.D., M.Div

Spouses select collaborative team. Spouses and the collaborative team meet to execute collaborative agreement and answer any preliminary questions and address immediate concerns….

Divorce Is a Sort of Death

Oct 03, 2015  By  Laurence M. Hamric, J.D., M.Div

Why do so many people have such a hard time facing divorce, even when it gets to the point of inevitability? Why are they sometimes unrealistic and in denial about their circumstances? Why do they have such difficulty going about making the decisions and gathering the information that will allow the process to move ahead? Why do they become angry and seek to strike out at others,…

Divorce: Comparing Litigation, Mediation, and Collaboration

Oct 03, 2015  By  Laurence M. Hamric, J.D., M.Div

Each divorce case is unique, because people are not all alike. Litigated cases range from the simple, friendly case resolved relatively inexpensively and quickly, to the litigation equivalent of a war that lasts for years and consumes enormous financial, emotional, and relational resources. …