The members of Collaborative Divorce New Orleans are financial, legal, and mental health professionals, all of whom are committed to the following goals:

The Collaborative professional team includes two Collaborative Coaches, one retained by each of the divorcing spouses. The Collaborative Coaches are mental health professionals, but they do not work with the spouses in a therapeutic context. The Coaches are engaged for the limited purposes of working with the spouses in the Collaborative process. The role of each Collaborative Coach is to:

  • Providing a safe environment for individuals and families working through the transitions of divorce
  • Supporting divorcing spouses and their families by utilizing a collaborative process aimed at fostering good communication and resolving issues in a transparent manner
  • Assisting divorcing spouses and their families through divorce in a manner that values the future of each child and adult and facilitates and values changing and new family relationships
  • Encouraging and modeling a process that includes open and honest interactions between divorcing partners, family members, and
    collaborative team professionals
  • Assuring that each person is treated with respect and dignity
  • Fostering transparent and honest negotiation to resolve differences, and facilitating informed mutual decision-making about parenting, support, and property division, so that the needs of all family members are met and the benefits to all family members are optimized.

Our Philosophy

We offer to divorcing individuals and families professional expertise and resources to assist them through the difficult transitions of divorce. We are committed to collaboration, honesty, transparency, mutual respect, and civility in the divorce process. Utilizing an inter-disciplinary, multi-faceted, and flexible approach, we counsel and support divorcing spouses to enable them to use the information and apply the skills that can facilitate their journey through the divorce process and into the life that lies ahead for each them.