Is Collaborative Divorce right for me and my family?

Oct 01, 2015  By  Admin

We sincerely hope so, but the answer depends on several factors. Do you value the benefits that the Collaborative Divorce Process has to offer? Are you able to work toward consensus and compromise on disputed issues? Would you prefer to shield your children, to the extent possible, from the adverse and negative effects of your divorce? Do you value the preservation of a relationship with your children and a co-parenting relationship with your spouse after the divorce? Would you like to avoid, as much as possible, the prospect of a high-conflict litigated divorce with attendant anxiety, hostility, cost, loss of control, and unpredictability? Would you prefer to reach mutually acceptable resolutions to the issues in your divorce so that you and your family can move on with life? If your answer and your spouse’s answer to some or all of these questions is “Yes”, then we encourage you to explore the option of Collaborative Divorce because it may be well-suited to you and your circumstances. Find out more about Collaborative Divorce on this website, at the IACP website at,and by contacting a member of the Collaborative Divorce Alliance of Greater New Orleans.