Our Mission Statement

The members of Collaborative Divorce New Orleans are financial, legal, and mental health professionals, all of whom are committed to the following goals:

  • Providing a safe environment for individuals and families working through the transitions of divorce
  • Supporting divorcing spouses and their families by utilizing a collaborative process aimed at fostering good communication and resolving issues in a transparent manner
  • Assisting divorcing spouses and their families through divorce in a manner that values the future of each child and adult and facilitates and values changing and new family relationships
  • Encouraging and modeling a process that includes open and honest interactions between divorcing partners, family members, and collaborative team professionals
  • Assuring that each spouse and each collaborative professional is treated with respect and dignity
  • Fostering transparent and honest negotiation to resolve differences, and facilitating informed mutual decision-making about parenting, support, and property division, so that the needs of all family members are met and the benefits to all family members are optimized.