The ending of a marriage usually brings a deep sense of loss and feelings of anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, and oftentimes anger, hopelessness and depression. Unfortunately, the traditional process of adversarial divorce litigation can add needless turmoil, agitation, and expense to an already difficult situation. The conflict that often accompanies litigated divorce can be destructive not only to divorcing spouses, but also to their children and extended families. When divorce litigation becomes about “winning”, it may turn out that everyone loses and no one really wins. Conducting high-conflict divorce litigation typically is expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining.

Collaborative divorce offers an alternative. A team of legal, mental health, and financial professionals assists in resolving conflict and addressing issues, including child custody and parenting, support, property division, and related issues. Divorcing spouses agree upfront not to litigate, and opt instead to resolve their issues in a safe, respectful, and transparent manner with the help of the collaborative professional team. The focus is the preservation of relationships, financial resources, and peace of mind. The goal is to reach solutions that are crafted to fit the particular family involved, and optimize the outcomes for all concerned.

If you are considering separation or divorce, we invite you to consider whether the collaborative process can benefit you and your family.